I’m Barbi, the one writing this. I feel a bit awkward talking about myself – one hates to toot one’s own horn, but let me start by saying just how incredibly talented I am. 

Ever since I was a ‘chica’ growing up in Argentina I found humour was my best defence against the world but struggled to find my true calling. 







For every boring office job, I’ve also found a variety of ways to express myself creatively; born out of my passion for comedy, drama, photography, film, music and leather……(make of that what you will) I took matters into my own hand and started this company in order to share my unique take on life and laughter.





I’m very lucky to be joined in my merrymaking mission by the equally talented Sophia Moss where a shared experience of entering motherhood brought us together. With a degree in Creative Product Design and a love for shooting Super 8 films she has a special eye for visual styling and generally making things look cool. She also once told me that Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Profesor 2 was a tour de force of comedy  but I hope she was being ironic……otherwise you might be making a terrible mistake.


At Pokerface we believe that humour and having a laugh is healthy for the heart, mind and soul. If surprising the people you love with the guarantee that you will share a happy moment sounds like a great idea, well that’s because it is. So who are you gonna call…..?


[hint] begins with P and ends in Okerface