Stop motion...what?

26 Aug 2015


If you don't know what stop motion is off the top of your head hopefully you will by the end of reading this....lets hope. There is something quite magical about watching a film or animation that hasn't been highly edited these days and stop motion is just that. Each shot is made by painstakingly moving images or objects, bit by bit (literally!!) so that when its all pieced together it creates a short film.


Stop motion reminds me of bygone era's (which I love, in fact sometimes i think i should have been born in one), It first came about in 1898 and was used in early film, making objects move as if by magic, today we use it as a way of telling short stories or to add to parts of our films as another media.


We've been making quite a few lately as its a really simple way for people to add small snippets of fun and ridiculousness to their websites or show their families. See below a very (very) short remake of the Del Monte's famous ad...hopefully your old enough to remember it!






Some stills of the making of a stop motion, you know him right?



Where do we start?!



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